Amazon Books on the Moon!

One thing I keep neglecting to mention is that my book, “Dog Complex: The Comic Strip You Never Knew You Loved” is finally available on Amazon!


(It’s so good, that even the “art” has two “a”s.)

As you can see from above, I tried to PACK it with content. You can order it right now from Amazon, with free 2-day shipping (for Prime customers) by CLICKING HERE, and I really hope you do. It’s worth it!

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Mona Lisa

As promised, here is a new “Dog Complex” for you!


Here are the previous 2, in case you want to get caught up.



I figure if Berkeley Breathed can come out of retirement, so can I…

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I’ve got updates coming, including a new “Dog Complex” comic strip! I’ll also be in Germany at Gamescom early next month, so if you’re going to be at the show, let me know!

Until then, I have been somewhat active on Instagram.


If you want to follow me, I’m @3Dave, and I promise no pictures of my food.

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Richard Simmons

In one of my recent chip games, I was asked to draw Richard Simmons. He turned out pretty cute, so I thought I’d share.


Thanks for sweating to the oldies!

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Meals on Wheels

Another chip game in the bag!


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American Idle

A new t-shirt design that will be available soon!


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Watch out!

Man… you’re going to have to watch me with all of these puns…. HA!



Another WIP design for tonight. I got the zombie one from yesterday working great, and his head and jaw now rotate to tell the time. The little drip of slime on his chin is the minute hand, and the brain tip is the hour hand. It’s pretty cool.

I’ll get some more polish done on the moon one, and then I’ve got another idea I’d like to work up.

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Zombie Watch

Update: Got it kind of working, with standard hands for now. Will try to figure out head rotation tomorrow!


Working on something a bit different here!


The lower jaw (and drip) are the long hand, while the top of the head and pointy part of the brain are the short.

Now I just have to figure out how to get it all to work on my LG G Watch R! I’ll post a picture if/when I can get it figured out.

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The mind of an insane person…

Right now I’m in the process of filling up two full sketchbooks with pages similar to this one. My wife and I then plan on wrapping them up and putting them away, holding on to them until my son (7) and my daughter (4) graduate from college, and then giving them to the two of them as a way of remembering my craziness long after I’m gone.


I know it’s kind of weird, and most people will just think their Dad was a nutball, but I’m hoping they’ll enjoy having them. I’ve got a single drawing my dad did for me when I was a kid. He owned a line of semi-trucks during that phase of his life, and he could draw them really well. He drew me one once, and I’m so grateful to my mom for having the foresight to hang on to that sucker for me. My dad doesn’t draw anymore, and that just makes it extra special to me.

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Hairy Cashews


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